Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I Like Sandra Bullock for a Golden Globe nomination this year

If Sandra Bullock were an Olympic Gymnast, I'd say that this year, she was competing for the Gold Medal in the All-Around competition. Actually, gymnast or not, I think she still is competing for the gold. Hopefully, she won't have to spin around any uneven bars to get it. This year, she deserves the honor.

In a return to form, Sandra starred in "The Proposal," opposite Ryan Reynolds, and flexed those comedy muscles she had so carefully honed in films like "Miss Congeniality" and "While You Were Sleeping." The laughs were effortless - mostly because Bullock makes it look so easy. You get the sense that she is at home acting goofy, shaking her booty around a campfire. Her chemistry with Reynolds is palpable, as they trade witticisms like dueling tommy machine guns with ease.

I had the pleasure of seeing "The Blind Side" during its first weekend of release. It's a charming story about football and family, and Sandra doesn't disappoint. Some scenes reminded me of her performance in "Hope Floats," with all its small town warmth and sensibility. It's arguable that her Blind Side persona is derived from that character - a woman whose harsh life experience brings about transformation and enlightenment. You take the journey with her, and while you laugh along the way, you don't mind shedding the occasional tear, too.

It will be interesting to see where the Hollywood Foreign Press decides to seat her. As an eternal optimist, I would like to see Bullock capture nods in both the Comedy and Drama Actress categories, as I believe that will give her momentium with regard to garnering an Academy Award nomination. As a realist, I would be satisfied (and surprised) if she managed recognition solely in the Drama category for 'The Blind Side," and won for Comedy, only because so few women have the comedic chops she has.

No matter the outcome, Sandra Bullock's box office draw (over $400 million domestically) has shown that in 2009 that all that glitters is Gold.

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