Sunday, December 13, 2009

Morgan Freeman in "Invictus" - "Hey. You. Guys.." From Pimp to Best Actor 2010?

I was watching "Lean on Me" on cable last night, and it got me thinking how far Morgan Freeman has come, but also how he tends to make the movies in which he stars better. Moreover, even when he isn't the star, he tends to be the best thing about the production. Clint Eastwood especially knows this. Morgan's roles in his films always place him in a position of prominence, not dominance. It's smart, because Eastwood realizes Freeman can make an impact with less screen time. He has presence. He has played characters both dasterdly and divine. and no one bats at eye to see him in a position of power, be it the President of the United States or, God.

Morgan Freeman is poised to have a great good awards season, beginning with the Golden Globes in January 2010. Should the Hollywood Foreign Press acknowledge his leading role in Clint Eastwood's inspirational film, "Invictus," I am certain Freeman will become a front runner in the Best Actor catgory for the Academy Awards for portraying Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president, 21 years after his first nomination for his role in "Street Smart," in which he played a pimp. Now that's gravitas.

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