Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did We Work Together? The 67th Golden Globes edition – how well do you know the nominees? PLAY!!

Alec Baldwin starred in Malice with Bill Pullman, who made ___________________ with Sandra Bullock, who appeared opposite Bradley Cooper in All About Steve, who starred in __________________, which is nominated for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical).
Starship Troopers starred ________________________, who also made Undercover Brother with Denise Richards, who filmed a cameo in Love, Actually with ____________________, who is nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), and ___________________, who is nominated in the Best Actress in Television Series (Drama) category.
Wesley Snipes starred in two films, Disappearing Acts in 2000, and Blade in 1998, which also starred Sanaa Lathan, who made Something New with ______________________, who starred in the Devil Wears Prada with Anne Hathaway, who played opposite ___________________, nominated for the 24th and 25th time for It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia in the Best Actress Comedy category.
Jagged Edge stars _______________ and ________________, who are both nominated in Actor categories this year. Two years earlier, she made The Big Chill with Kevin Kline and _________________, who starred in a History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen, whose co-star, Maria Bello, made The Jane Austen Book Club with __________________, nominated in the Best Actress Drama category.

How'd you do?

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