Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shows I'm looking forward to... Life Unexpected (theCW)

The eternally teenage-looking Shiri Appleby (seriously, what virgins blood has she been jugging) and JFK Jr.-portraying Kristoffer Polaha (his best role to date) are joining relative newcomer Britt Robertson for this new, mid-season, unconventional-family dramedy, "Life Unexpected," premiering on, of all networks, the CW. The show's premise follows the journey of a plucky 16 year-old foster kid to locate her biological parents and the difficult task of creating bonds and eventually a family from scratch. So far, 3 episodes have been screened for critics and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This bodes well for the CW, which struggles to create (or support) drama series without relying on a healthy dose of window-dressing in their casts. This show continues tht tradition, boasting plenty of pretty people, and as an added bonus their acting seems to stand on its own. This should be a home run for the network come Jan 18, 2010. See the trailer here and decide for yourself...

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